Basic Pranic Healing Course in Recife - PE

Basic Pranic Healing Course in Recife - PE InstrutorDomingos Pereira

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Recife – PE

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Prerequisites for the Basic Pranic Healing Course: None


+55 81 99253-1974 (Domingos Pereira)

In the Course (August 5 and 6) we learned that this is a technique that consists first of exploring the energetic body (as diagnosis). Secondly in removing energy where there is excess and energizing where there is deficiency. It is certainly an ancient science and art that was systematized by Master Choa Kok Sui . He was a chemical engineer, entrepreneur, Guru, Enlightened One, philanthropist, and Chinese writer, born in China and raised in the Philippines.

  • Pranic Healing Course, topics:

    • We will learn to sensitize the hands in order to identify the quality and strength of the energy centers that regulate physical and emotional health, financial life, and relationships.
    • Above all, it is interesting to know that it can also be used for energetic treatment for animals, plants, objects, projects, and environments.
    • It is very important to point out that the Pranic Healing Course gives us quick, simple and discreet techniques, as a result very effective, to immediately assess stress and anxiety and promote wellness on all levels.
    • Most importantly you will feel the benefits of the Twin Hearts Meditation practice for yourself and for the entire planet.
    • What is energy(prâna) and where does it come from;
    • What energy is called in different cultures;
    • How this energy influences your health;
    • We learn to feel the aura ;
    • What are chakras and what are their functions;
    • Learn to feel and see energy;
    • Why diseases affect your aura and chakras;
    • As a result knowing that you are connected to God and how to measure and increase that connection is one of the themes of the Pranic Healing Course;
    • What is Karma?
    • What is the Golden Law;
    • How to use the Golden Law to program your future and achieve:
      • Primarily for professional success; love; prosperity and spiritual evolution.
      • Secondly for good health and any other positive change you want in your life!
    • Upon completion, the student who completes the Basic Pranic Healing Course will receive a Diploma issued by the Institute For Inner Studies Inc. The diploma will qualify you to work as a pranic therapist.

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