slide5“When we bless the Earth with Loving Kindness, we render a service to the world.
When we bless the Earth with Loving Kindness, the blessings return to each one of us many times. It is by blessing that we are blessed. It is by giving that we receive. This is the Law! The regular practice of meditation increases the act of internal offering through blessing the Earth and all people. It makes us stronger and gives us the capacity to focus in ourselves and to be more equilibrated.”
This meditation:
• Tranquillizes and soothes, reducing stress
• Increases physical and internal endurance
• Increases satisfaction, internal peace and joy
• Improves personal and family relationships
• Helps in cases of depression and low levels of vital energy
• Cleanses and strengthens the chakras and the aura
Besides, it is also altruist and a tool to create a better world for all.
This meditation is one of the most advanced spiritual techniques and was transmitted to selected disciples in the past, now it become public thanks to the valuable efforts of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

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