Pranic Healing in the World

Founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga.

Born in Cebu, Philippines, he became a yogi while still in his early teens. His search was relentless for spiritual truths beyond accepted realities.

Graduated in Chemical Engineering and with his business acumen, he has led thousands of people all over the world and from different lines, to experience the technique of Modern Pranic Healing®, Yoga Arhatic® and its other esoteric forms of teachings.

Known as a master of synthesis, he facilitated the learning of these teachings by making them accessible to everyone. Author of more than 20 books. Some have been published in 37 languages and read in over 90 countries around the world. He has developed over 20 different courses on Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga, and higher spiritual courses around the world.

It has standardized these courses, which continue to be taught by licensed instructors in several countries under the
Institute for Inner Studies INC.
is responsible for the guidelines and norms of Pranic Healing in the World, with the objective of maintaining the purity of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s teachings.

He also founded and funded several charitable foundations in various countries to provide other physical and legal needs in raising human consciousness. These charitable foundations continue their humanitarian missions to date.


Master Nona Castro

Master Nona Castrfo coordinator of Pranic Healing® of MCKS / Arhatic Yoga® responsible for the
South America (Brazil), Central America and Canada.
Mestra Nona was a nun and nowadays spends most of her time giving courses
Superiors of Pranic Healing® and Arhatic Yoga® with their friendly manner and special charisma
provides everyone with moments of powerful connections and profound transformations.

Master Hector S. Ramos

Mestre Hector Ramos studied with Mestre Choa Kok Sui for 20 years. As he is one of the oldest instructors, he is a representative and teaches courses in Europe (Portugal), the Philippines, India, Australia, parts of Asia, and the United States.
Arhatic Yoga® around the world and to help keep the teachings noble and pure.

Master Daniel Gorgonia

Master Daniel Gorgonia is a Master of Pranic Healing® and joined the school in 1990. He is a lawyer and has served as General Manager of the Pranic Healing® Foundation, Inc. in Manila since 1993.
He is an instructor of Pranic Healing® and Arhatic Yoga® in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, India, and Australia.

Master Hermie Corcuera

Master Hermie Corcuera teaches in the Philippines and Indonesia. She is one of
GMCKS and is the Training Manager of Pranic Healing Foundation in the Philippines.

Master Faith Sawey

Master Faith Sawey deploys her spiritual knowledge in different areas, such as
Universities and Organizations. She, together with Mestre Hector Ramos, Mestre Hermie
Corcuera and Master Danny Gorgonia, spread MCKS Pranatherapy throughout the Philippines.

Master Glen Mendoza

Master Glen Mendoza supervises and teaches practical healing courses and higher courses in Pranic Healing® and Arhatic Yoga® on the East Coast of the United States, Puerto Rico, Cyprus, Greece, and other parts of the world. He has a fun and loving attitude and teaches from a vast knowledge base. He is also one of America’s top physicians, being the Director of Neonatology at New York’s Samaritan Hospital and a recipient of prestigious awards for medical achievements in pediatrics and neonatal care.

Mestra Marilag Mendoza

Master Marilag Mendoza supervises and teaches Practical Courses in Pranic Healing®, such as Arhatic
Yoga and Kriyashakti, in North and South America, in Europe, and in other parts of the world.

Master Stephen Co

Master Stephen Co is a senior disciple and personal student of Master Choa Kok Sui.
He is a specialist in Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga and co-author of “The Power of Prana” and
“Your Hands Can Heal You” and shares these teachings worldwide
since 1988.