Pranic Healing
is a technique that consists of exploring the energy body (as a diagnosis). In removing energy where there is excess and energizing where there is deficiency, it is an ancient science and art that was systematized by Master Choa Kok Sui, who was a chemical engineer, entrepreneur, Guru, Enlightened One, philanthropist, and Chinese writer, raised in the Philippines. Pranic Healing was introduced in Brazil in 1992.

Basic Pranic Healing


Advanced Pranic Healing

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Pranic Psychotherapy

, Psychic Self-Defense and Prosperity Techniques .

This is a quick and efficient method that helps us treat physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual disharmonies. Pranic Healing is currently a postgraduate course in some universities and hospitals.

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We feed on vital energy – also known as life force, Prana, ki, pneuma, mana, rua or the God Particle. Prana is everywhere in the Universe.

We have energy capture and irradiation centers: the


which, when out of balance, do not capture vital energy (Prana) and waste it. This energy is necessary for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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The concern with eating fresh and natural food also corresponds to the knowledge that the more we eat that is connected to nature, the more vital energy will be circulating and will serve as an extra source for our bodies.

Processed foods – which take a long time between extraction and ingestion, which undergo chemical preservation processes and/or high temperatures – are void of energy and often of nutritional value, serving only to give the sensation of physical abundance

When animals die, they quickly lose their vital energy and don’t bring much value in terms of energy to those who feed on them.

Vegetables reserve this energy for a while longer, providing those who eat them with pranic support by increasing circulation in their bioplasmic body, which recovers any losses that could cause illness.

The human being seen as a single and total being – as it is seen holistically – has its physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic functions interconnected. One influencing the other. As a consequence, diseases are usually the result of an imbalance in these factors.


Pranic Healing aims to rebalance the vital energy and the


channeling the Prana, which, acting in the bioplasmatic body, has physiological consequences, that is, it promotes healing. Man’s physical body is composed of two parts: the visible and palpable physical body, and the bioplasmatic body, formed by subtle and invisible energy. These bodies interpenetrate and interact in a bond of energy exchange.


With knowledge of the energetic process, the

Pranic Therapist

locates where there is an imbalance and removes the harmful prana, then replaces it with pure, healthy prana from the air. This rebalances the energetic body and, as a consequence, the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

It is a work done with knowledge, which finds no place for mystification because of its logic and simplicity. The results can be seen instantly or gradually, depending on the patient’s physical and energetic commitment.
We need to be aware of self-help techniques and turn to professionals who work with energy balance, such as a Pranic Therapist.

By exploring the aura, the Pranic Therapist can identify a disease in the energy field before it manifests itself in the physical body.

The Pranic Therapist uses techniques to recognize the patient’s vital energy, cleanse the auric field and the Chakras.

He uses the Chakras of his hands and fingers to project clean prana to the patient



As an example, we have gastric ulcers, which in most cases are caused by emotional factors such as: stress, fear, pressure from society without an outlet, eating “toads”, distancing oneself from a more natural life, etc.
These factors weaken the Solar Plexus Chakra – located in the “mouth of the stomach” – which encourages the invasion of bacteria that attack the walls of the organ, causing sores. In this case, all the patient’s bodies are compromised.
Awareness-raising work is needed to reverse the situation: treatment with medication – better if it’s natural; getting away from the external cause of the stress; a change in mental attitude towards problems; letting off steam; a fresher, more natural and balanced diet; the energetic balancing work that Pranic Healing provides; and the maintenance of acquired health, in other words, permanent healing.