Master Choa Kok Sui, using his capability to synthesize knowledge, reveals to the public for the first time, some very advanced and simple techniques to further the Union for your Incarnated Soul (also known as personality or lower ego), with your Higher Soul.
This phenomenon is called Soul Realization, Self-Realization or Illumination. The Higher Soul is the seed of God, of the Buddhistic or Christ nature inside the human beings.
• Learn the Inner Secrets of the Blue Pearl, the 12th chakra, the Caduceus symbol used by doctors and the relationship with Kundalini energy and the silver cords.
• Learn how to experience serenity, peace and clarity in stressful environments and facing the challenges of daily life.
• Learn how to get rid of old emotional patterns and to create new positive transformations in your relationships.
• Use power words (mantras) to readily attain inner serenity and peace.
• Learn the right localization of the 12th chakra and its function.
• Experience the Inner Light and the intense inner bliss of the Blue Pearl or the seed of consciousness inside of you.
• Learn about the existence of energy seeds in your auric field and how they affect your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical life. These energetic records of your DNA contain the generation patterns of your subtle bodies.

“The purpose of Yoga is to comprehend that your Incarnated Soul is one with the Higher Soul. The purpose of Yoga is the union with your Higher Soul and with all souls.”
Master Choa Kok Sui.