Spiritual Business Management

Prerequisites: Basic Pranic Healing Course

A revolutionary approach to successfully managing your life and business using esoteric laws. This innovative course developed by Master Choa Kok Sui uses an approach to business financial success and prosperity, giving a modern and friendly image to management.

Through energy and spiritual laws, the realization of plans and projects and the overall execution of working relationships can be facilitated. A positive organizational climate, increased worker productivity, and good return on investment can be created. Through the use of simple meditation techniques, individuals will develop a sharp mind, increasing their ability to make accurate decisions and handle critical business situations.

The course also teaches how to deal with situations that generate stress in the workplace, allow employees to instantly recharge, physically and mentally. You will be given quick, practical tips to remove “stress” and strain energy.”

Spiritual empowerment of individuals results in strength, confidence, clarity of purpose, and dynamism to deal with business situations. They will have techniques to strengthen the bond between management and workers, gain mutual respect, develop stronger relationships, increase efficiency, and boost productivity.

The course is practical and well-structured, where the teachings are based on ancient spiritual and esoteric principles, with an innovative and effective approach to corporate management is tailored and effect relevant to the modern world. Participating in this experience-filled course,

Course Topics:

  • To increase business success and profits using esoteric laws;
  • Stress removal with proven breathing and meditation techniques;
  • Fast and instantaneous physical and mental recharging techniques;
  • Develop a clear and sharp mind through meditation;
  • To create a productive, efficient, and harmonious business/work environment;
  • Effective time management;
  • Improve professional and personal relationships;
  • Management using the seven rays (human tendencies and archetypes).