7 Ways to Deal with Change

Life is cyclical. Esoterically, there is the Law of Cycles that is connected to the [...]

15 Great Tips to Overcome Stress

Live a stress-free life Stress is considered to be any physical or emotional factor that [...]

What Not to Do When You’re Angry

Text by Raluca Mocrei There is a lot of literature out there telling you what [...]

How to Communicate with Angels

“Every visible thing in this world is under the responsibility of an angel.” St. Augustine [...]

How to Deal with Worry

“Don’t worry excessively about the future. If you have done everything that has to be [...]

Great Souls Quotes About Forgiveness

Let’s all make an effort to forgive those who have hurt us, to forgive those [...]

Growing Through Pain

Text by Monika Vaswani   What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger! There is suffering [...]

Salt Bath – Technique and Applications

For pranic healing practitioners who regularly deal with sick and dirty energies during healing, the [...]

How Spirituality Can Be a Lifestyle

“Spirituality is linked to practicality.” Master Choa Kok Sui   Despite what most people think, [...]

The 3 Powers of Man

“I AM a spiritual being of Divine Light, Divine Love and Divine Power.” Master Choa [...]

How to have more inner experiences during meditation?

For some people it is very easy to have inner experiences during meditation, from seeing [...]

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